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Klotok Traditional Wooden Boat

Klotok traditional wooden boat is as one of transportation in Central Kalimantan
And in Tanjung Puting, we have designed it for tourists. And on the boat we have a crew, they are as tour guides, captain, assistant captain and cook and they are friendly and helpful.

Sleeping on the boat during your trip in Tanjung Puting is the best way and you will get a great experience while sleeping in the open air and hearing the jungle music. We have 3 types of Boats: small, medium and large boats

Our klotok/boat description:

Standard Boat: This is a traditional wooden boat, 15 meters long and 2-2.0 meters wide and can accommodate 2-4 people

Medium Boat:
Made with a long 16.2.5 meters wide and 3-3,5 meters and can accommodate 4-6 people.

Big Boat:
Made with a long a 17.3.5 meters and 3-3.5 meters wide and can accommodate 6-8 people

Bigger Boat:
Made with a long a 18.3.5 meters and 3-7.5 meters wide and can accommodate 6-10 people

Up Deck
Is designed to relax, where you can observe wildlife along the river, and this is also our use for dining room and sleeping area. Inside the deck only for the crew, Rear Side, Toilet Simple with western style. The other part is engine and kitchen room.

Management sleep

The mattress is simple and comfortable and mosquito nets are provided on board, charging for camera and Phone.
Western-style toilets include toilet paper, but most boats do not have a splash. And the toilet is located at the back of the boat. Some boats prepare a shower that pumps water from the black river as well as some


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