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Would you like to join a group?

If you are travelling alone, or in a couple, and would like to share costs and meet other people, you may be interested in joining a shared tour.

If this sounds interesting, get in touch !

Tours can still go ahead with just one person, if no one else wants to join the group, but the cost would be much higher, as the single traveller would need to pay the usual rate for one person taking a tour alone.

If you are interested in sharing the klotok with other travellers let us know. Tours will be initially booked as private, but if you wish to share costs, your tour will be advertised by us for other people to join you. Please note, shared tours can not be arranged during the high season (July to end of Augustus ).


When do tours start and finish?Tours are customised, so you can start your tour at whatever time suits you. Most guests choose to be met at the airport on their arrival, and transfer to their klotok to start their tour straight away. Most guests also finish their tour at the airport on their last day.

How much should I tip the boat crew and guide, assuming everything is satisfactory?
Tippig is not compulsory, or expected, so it’s completely up to you. some guests do tip if they can afford to, and if they are particularly happy with the staff on their tour.

What type of food is included on a tour?Our cooks provide wholesome, delicious local Indonesian cuisine. This is adapted slightly to suit western taste, being less spicy, but if you prefer to eat spicy food please let us know! Drinks include bottled mineral water, cartons of fruit juices (usually including sugar), and tea and coffee. There is little in the way of dairy products used in Indonesian cooking, so milk is usually either tinned sweetened and condensed milk for things like deserts or coffee, or coconut milk in cooking. Snacks are also provided, in the way of dishes such as french fries or friend bananas.

Tanjung Puting malarial? Are prophylactics needed? Yes it is malarial. Please seek advice from a health professional before you travel. There are alternatives available to minimise the risk, but it is advisable to take advice from different sources before you decide whether to take anti-malarial drugs or not.What vaccinations are required for the area?None are compulsory, but your medical professional would advise you to have some if visiting Indonesia. Contact your local travel health clinic for up to date advince.

As December is in the middle of the rainy season – how much rain can one expect on an average day? This is hard to say, as there’s not usually a regular amount each day. You may be lucky and have 3 days with light rain once or twice, or just one storm one night. You may also be unlucky, and have a whole day of rain, and a storm each afternoon.Are there quite a few tourists during this time? How busy is the river with boats?During July to September, you may find 6 to 8 klotoks at Camp Leakey for a feeding, but during the low season you may only find 2 or 3 there at one time, with another 2 or 3 at different parts of the National Park. It depends on the tour start dates as to where the klotoks are at one time.

Brightly coloured bags are particularly attractive to orangutans (fruit is often brightly coloured). Keep water bottles and plastic bags in your backpack. If an orangutan takes something from you – let them keep it ask a guide or a member of staff to negotiate its return. No belonging is worth fighting over with an orangutan.


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